The beginnings

This is my first work and marks the beginning of my adventure through colors.It was the evening of October 18,2012. I was in the house and found some paint cans.I felt strong that those colors called me,I removed a shelf from an old mobile and started letting myself go,without too much reflection I took forks and spoons and used them on the work. I was wrapped in a magical air,I remember thet time had stopped and I was flying along withthe color a truly unique emotion...the same emotion that has been accompanying me for almost 5 is wonderful.

My second job.I stayed home even in the afternoon....a strange and stronge desire to colorknocking inside me....I felt something was about to happen.

I fall in love more and more with the color, with its smell, Ilove to see it slipping from the knives and flying down create vortices and shapes in which to navigate.

Third work.I staeted buying new colors's becoming a serious thing...I want tosee where it takes me...


Impetus and instinct now mix with the colors creating shades of emotions that can not be explained in have to live it...

Black background,bright colors....without thinking let me fall.

I comed to live in new fairy worlds where colorful creatures welcome me.

The classic color explosion...

The tree of life.

Trials and attempts increase....gambling shapes and mix colors...the important thing is to let go.

My first work with two paintings.

The window on the night.

Hive. Curious...comic to try new technique

I love to mix colors and give life stranger form.


Man. I also start using the spatula.

It begins to outline what will be my style of the years to follow. Dripping..Action painting.

Detachment.This is the last picture made in my old house in Italy, where everything started, before departing for Palma de Mallorca.

This picture represents the detachment from what I was and the beginning of a new life.