In June 2012 I left work , home and friends.I loaded the car and left for Palma De Mallorca.I decided to make new experience: the street artist. A new chapter of my life was born.

Words of the heart.


My first show in the street. I still had to learnand experience.With the time the other artists also began to help me.The first two week I did sell anything.But I held a hard floor plan to sell; my paintings began to be bought by tourists from various nationalities:my work was going to be home furnishing in various parts of the world.I started thinking that I could really live with my art.

I slowly begin to enlarge.

First paintings directly painted in the street. I start experimenting with new technique.

Poppy expanse. I am very amused to paint the figurative in my own way.

I started to use the brush. I could go my hand without thinking too much.Curved lines and colored signs came out straight from the heart.

Fable.Colors never tested before.Is a period of great experiments.

Storm a few colors.

First framework made on commission. The red,black and white according to me are three colors that are very good together. They manage to create elegant and impacted painting situations at the same time.

I enjoy mixing so many different types of colors. I seem to navigate in a thousand colors ocean moving.

The universe is inside of us.Pull it out and we'lllive in a magical world...the real one.

The dripping....the first great love never misses.The slip of the color creates in me strabulous emotions...moments of pure ecstasy.

The entrance of my atelier in Palma De Mallorca.

This is where I was painting in Palma De Mallorca.

It was an old studio but where it really  breathed art. I was a magic place where so many creation were born. I will never forget it! There I left a nice piece of heart.

A different  creation of my Spanish period. A color wall.


alfredo bertolini



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