My first exhibition in an art gallery.

I was the street artist in the one of the most famous streets of Palma de Mallorca when I was noticed by a gallerist who gave me the opportunity to exhibit in his art gallery! My art show lasted for three months with good criticism.

I had gone from the road to a real art gallery.

My personal show in Auckland in New Zeland.

On january,12, 2014I rolled up some of my paintings and left for New Zeland .I was determined to let my art know from the other side of the world as well.I slept in Auckland in a hostel and did not even speak English well enough.

I spent the days going around with the canvases behind and turning to art galleries and interior design shops.

It was tough but I always hoped to be able to do something good.

Walk walk I managed to get a collaboration with the Frame by Frame galleriy that has exposed my paintings for a month.

DDD2016# Digital Design Days Milan.

In october 26,27,28 I parteciped in a live performance at the event of the Digital Design Days 2016 in Milan.

Idrew home a canvas of 6.40 meters for 1.70.

Was the first time I played time live with such a big picture...The challenge was very exciting.

The good thing was to involve the people who were present at the event.Many people were timid and did not want the brush in their hand,but then they let themselves go and chose to paint with great fun.

Three full days to end the was long but in the end we did it.There were about 70 people involved,all of them contributed,even with a brush,without them I would never have done...thank you very much.

It a was a fantastic experience.